Team Nevis wins Leeward Islands Debating Competition 2017

By: St. Clair Sazam Hull

(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)-The 45th annual Leeward Islands Debating Competition concluded this past weekend at the Nevis Performing Arts Theatre.

On Friday, February 24, 2017, host country Nevis took on Montserrat in the first encounter. The Nevisians were represented by Rol-J Williams and Gabriella Brantley while Dauquan Ray and Carlisle Vyphius represented Montserrat.

The Moderator for the debate was Ms. Camara Lee.

The topic for the first debate was, ‘The global rise in anti-immigration is justified’. Team Montserrat proposed the Moot while Team Nevis opposed the topic.

After hearing both sides argument, the judges concluded that team Nevis had outperformed their competitors. Team Montserrat gained a total of 489 points and Nevis amassed 683 points.

Rol-J Williams was awarded best speaker for the debate amassing a total of 178 points.

The second encounter saw Anguilla taking on the British Virgin Islands. Anguilla was represented by Chad Hodge and Shakalia Carty while Makaela Davis and Jada David debated for the British Virgin Islands.

Ms. Michelle Slack served as Moderator of the debate.

The topic for that debate was, ‘Caribbean practices lag far behind other regions’. Team Anguilla proposed the Moot and the British Virgin Islands argued from the opposite side.

At the conclusion of the presentations, the judges were of the view that team Anguilla was better on the night. The British Virgin Islands got a total of 553 points and Anguilla gained a total of 653 points.

Shakalia Carty of Anguilla was awarded best speaker for the debate.

On Saturday, February 25 team St. Kitts went up against the defending champions Antigua. The Kittitians were represented by Xavier Jon Bass and Khalifa Pencheon while Princess Browne and Ravi Davis represented Team Antigua.

Mr. Jackie Hunkins-Taylor served as the Moderator.

The Moot was, ‘Caribbean cyber-crime legislation will lead to the suppression of free expression’. Team St. Kitts was the proposition was team Antigua opposed the Moot.

At the end of the debate the Antiguans came out on top with a total of 607 points. Team St. Kitts gained a total of 540 points.

Khalifa Pencheon of St. Kitts got best speaker for the debate.

In the second encounter, Nevis came up against Anguilla. Rol-J Williams and K-Jel Smithen represented the host while T’Arah Niles and Edwin Sutton battled for Anguilla.

The Moderator for the debate was Ms. Joy Napier.

The Moot for the contest was, ‘Lack on emphasis on the Arts will be detrimental to human development in the Caribbean’. Team Nevis proposed the Moot and Anguilla opposed the topic.

When the debate was over, the judges awarded the victory to team Nevis. They gained a total of 701 points while Anguilla received a total of 656 points.

K-Jel Smithen of Team Nevis was awarded best speaker.

On Sunday the Antiguans came up against Nevis in the final. Rol-J Williams and Gabriella Brantley represented Nevis. Team Antigua was represented by Princess Browne and Kelsey Harris.

Pastor Ron Daniel was the Moderator for the final debate.

The Moot for the final debate was, ‘The atrocity of our age is the billions of dollars spent on sports’. Team Nevis proposed the Moot and the Antiguans opposed.

At the end of the contest, team Nevis was victorious. They gained a total of 578 points while team Antigua received a total of 489 points.

Gabriella Brantley won best speaker of the debate.

K-Jel Smithen of Nevis was voted best overall speaker for the competition.

The victory gave Nevis its eighth title of the competition.

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