The Way I See It

The way I see it, names are important. As a matter of fact do you know that somebody may have already made a judgement call on you by just hearing your name?

The question is: What’s in a name?

Just on Friday of this week, I met a lovely couple. They are originally from Ireland but came here and fell in lovely with our beautiful paradise island during the 1980’s and eventually bought property at Webbe’s Ground and got a lovely home built in 1994, by Errol Blake and company. The gentleman’s name is John Gomely. He stated that some folks spell it GOMELEY and yet others murder it in their way of spelling. It is an Irish name and unique if you ask me.

I was asked by Errol to meet with him and his wife because he is a diehard fan of The WAY I SEE IT.

He was really nice and complimented me on my writings and encouraged me to continue. I thanked them and know now that I have made some new friends.

Look at the wonderful name CURTIS for instance.  A quick search via my good friend GOOGLE tells me: ‘Curtis as a boys’ name is pronounced KERT-iss. It is of English and Old French origin, and the meaning of Curtis is “courteous, polite”. Surname, in origin a nickname used in the Middle Ages for a courteous person.’

So, now I understand why I am always speaking to people and waving at them, even though some people think I am crazy to be doing it with such regularity.

And why do some parents go and spoil the thing, by giving some of their girls that unique name?

Maybe you can check GOOGLE with your name and see what they say about you…

So, I was looking at the names of the hurricanes for this year, 2017 and I was thinking about their potential for devastation, just by the name:

Arlene—could be deadly. I had a class mate called Arlene and one day she was provoked by Gerard, another class mate and boy, it was tearing clothes to tearing clothes and Arlene did not back down.

Well I newa!

Bret-could also be dangerous. Think of Bret Lee, the former Australian speedster

Cindy-I have a colleague we call Cindy and she is real nice but don’t get on her wrong side!

Emily-Boy I had a neighbour named Emily and I hope this one does not come our way!

Franklyn-Well if this one is anything like my good friend KUT, it might just take a few drinks and go to bed…

Gert –am not sure about that one but she sounds like an old lady but then again, some old ladies could be disgusting huh!

Harvey-If he is anything like Harvey from Rawlins, boy he going to argue and fight –if he has to!

Irma-If she is anything like Sister Irma from Bath, this too will pass away gently. May just cause us to pray more.

Jose-Not too sure about him either but the fact that he sounds like Spanish, hopefully he will not understand us and will; head off to Santo Domingo.

Katia—Again this one sounds foreign. Just don’t give her one of our sacred passports.

Lee-well let’s hope this one is like our famous GHARLIC-He would just sing and dance like Michael Jackson and not do us any harm.

Maria-If she is anything like MARIA DOO-DOO from Chevy’s popular calypso, then we are in good hands.

Nate-Not sure about this guy but why does he sound like a Nazi. Could be dangerous.

Ophelia-If she is anything like my dear friend Ophelia, she may just cause you to go to BANANAS for dinner.

Phillippe-This one is up in the air too. Anyone in Nevis with that name?

Rina-sounds like a nice person but sound sometimes differ from reality

Sean-All the Seans I know are nice. This one will pass quickly.

Tammy-My Lawyer friend Tammie is a sweet individual but a no nonsense person. So let’s not rile up this one.

Vince –Well he sounds cool but still don’t trust him too much

Whitney-She may just sing up a storm, for all you know.

It means therefore, that we have to take all possible precautions during this hurricane season. Take nothing for granted. Let us prepare as best we can and then PRAY long and hard.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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