The way I see it

By:Curtis Morton

The way I see it, a day at the bank could be a frustrating and stressful experience– sometimes.

I made a trek to the Credit Union on Wednesday and to my chagrin, found a long line already in place.

It is only then that I remembered that I had pledged not to go back in such an establishment, towards the end of a month.

Well, I was there and I decided to pass the time, quietly by watching the TV in front of me. I decided to stay in for the long haul.

As I looked around, I observed the many faces.

Those to the front of the line, seemed to be suggesting by their expression: ‘Why don’t they hurry up?’ Those at the back of me, looked really annoyed, for the most part.

Then one of them had to observe that the bank was utilizing two rookie Tellers, who were obviously in training.

‘Why they had to bring them here at a month end?’ she shouted.

Well I newa!

Somebody mentioned the speed, or rather lack thereof that the Tellers were using to serve each customer.

So, I politely quipped: ‘So when else you want them to learn?’  The young lady’s response was equally sharp: ‘When Police ah tek people for their license, they do not do it when traffic tight?’

I stated quite clearly: ‘Well if it was me, you would  be leaving sometime tomorrow, because  I would count over that money a hundred times, in order to make sure it is correct, because when these Tellers give out too much money, how many of us will be honest enough to bring it back?

I decided to add fuel to the fire: ‘You think it matters how much noise you make, that that will determine how quickly you will get to the front?’

She also had a ready response for that one, so I shut up.

Then there is that eternal problem where young strapping men and women, take seats, while others stand in the line and then when you think you are next in line, some person or persons, get up to stand in line!

Well I newa!

Down at Scotia Bank, they need to sort out their line entrance and exit.

I think everybody knows that they ought to follow the arrow but many persons in the front of the line, usually stop by the first bend and if you are at the top of the line, where you ought to be, when the Teller says ‘next customer, please,’ dog eat your supper, because most persons at the bend, are heading to the Teller and there have been instances where they have been taken care of by the Teller.

Now there is a column which serves to block the view of the Teller and indeed the customer, if you at the head of the line. I think they need to do something about that.

I heard that in one financial institution, a scenario like this was played out and two adults almost came to blows, over a position.

Well I hope that they get such things sorted out because it would make for happier customers and bank employees who are not as stressed.

I thank God that we don’t have to be in any lines to get to Jesus and acess his many blessings.

That’s the way I see it. How do you see it?

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