Sunshine Gives Back To Seniors

Charlestown—Nevis–Llewellyn ‘Sunshine’ Caines did not become popular by accident. The imposing local entrepreneur has made a name for himself around the world, by dint of hard work and sacrifice.

The man who has almost single handedly caused Beach bars on the island to get due recognition, has entertained super stars and mega stars from around the world.

Locals and tourists alike have grown to delight in his wide variety of sumptuous meals and there has been a constant urge by many to solve the mystery of the well known KILLER BEE, although the ingredients remain a well guarded secret which SUNSHINE is committed to keeping close to his heart.

On Tuesday 15th October SUNSHINE hosted over 120 of the seniors on Nevis to a grand luncheon at his establishment.

‘It’s all about giving back to the community,’ he said. ‘We have to look out for the youths because they are the future and we have to look out for our seniors because they would have laid the foundation for us,’ he said.

The luncheon for the seniors was held as a climax to an island tour for the seniors.

The luncheon was well coordinated by SUNSHINE and his hard working staff as regular business continued at the main establishment, while the buffet styled lunch which included fish and chicken as the main meat kind, was set up in a shaded area closer to the beach and the seniors all found comfortable seating to enjoy the sumptuous meal.

The seniors hugged and thanked the local businessman and posed with him for choice photos. They all indicated that they had thoroughly enjoyed the meal.

As for SUNSHINE? ‘They are my people,” he exclaimed, flashing a broad smile. ‘I hope more of them can show up next year.”

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